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 The First Step~

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Dyno King
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The First Step~ Empty
PostSubject: The First Step~   The First Step~ EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 2:03 am

You've said your farewell's to the people of Goment and are ready to make the first step on your journey, towards Oren. You and Kieran had made preparations to leave, knowing you're not returning to the peaceful village, and he leads you across the Clover Fields, towards the next step.

You have doubts, on what entails on this journey, but in your mind, you trust your friend and your guide, to lead you in the right direction.

For if he doesn't, you fear you might stray from the path and wind up in more trouble and more danger than you could hope to imagine.


Do not reply! Please make a new topic to be able to continue with the story. Thank you.
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The First Step~
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