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 Kaede's Challenge

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Dyno King
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Kaede's Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Kaede's Challenge   Kaede's Challenge EmptyMon Oct 31, 2016 12:41 am

Happy 18th Birthday Kaede! Ready to take the Birthday Challenge?

It's simple, you're allowed to invite three other players to join you in this battle against the Saurian you'll be fighting!

Here's the Saurian you'll be fighting:
Name- Taru
Saurian- Tricerite
Kaede's Challenge Main-qimg-34b2fe04e13989537ef9ade63943be46-c?convert_to_webp=true
Level- 5
Element- Electric
Location- Thunder Plains; Taru's Rock

The prizes you earn will vary from a Crystal Fragment to each player, should you win, or special armor and/or weapons.

Have fun!

You have seven days to respond to this challenge, your party must be online to fight this Saurian.

The duration of this challenge is October 31st-November 6th.
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Kaede's Challenge
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